Knucklebones Knobcon Postcard
Hey, it looks like you got our postcard! We know you waded through a sea of synthesizers, adaptors, and cables at Knobcon. After all that walking, patching, and creating, now all you want to do is watch synth videos and pick up some new toys to play with.

You’re in luck! Hosa offers some cool solutions to connect all your synths into a giant web of amazing sounds. Whether you’re new to this and making your first patch or you’ve been at it for a while and are constantly pushing the limits of what your rig can do, Hosa wants to be a part of your modular synth playground.

Okay, you had a blast at the show. Maybe you even picked up some new ideas to try out on your own. Now it’s time to play. Check out our stuff below and put some Hosa in your rig. Don’t forget to share it with us!

Show us your synths for a chance to win free Hosa gear!
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Need a mult? Patch into one of the jacks on our Knucklebones Signal Splitter and you’ll have five duplicate signals ready to bounce anywhere on your rig.

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It’s always better to have options. Hopscotch Patch Cables have a built-in jack so you can always access the signal without breaking an existing patch.

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3.5 mm Patch Cables

You can never have too many. The last thing you need is to run out of patch cables when the idea of a lifetime strikes. Stock up and make sure this never happens to you.

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1/4 in Patch Cables

Working with pedals? If your rig goes beyond the rack and includes effects pedals and standalone synthesizers, you’ll need some 1/4 in patch cables. We’ve got you covered.

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