Little Bro’ Sub Snake

6 x XLR Sends and 2 x 1/4 in TRS Returns

The Little Bro’ 6X2 Sub Snake is designed to send six microphone signals to a mixing console along with two stereo headphone returns for the performers on stage. It is ideal for the basic microphone setup and headphone mix of a small group. Features include:

• Small footprint stage box reduces on-stage visibility
• Side-entry jacks reduce strain on microphone cables
• 1/4-inch jacks can be used as balanced sends or stereo headphone returns

Sends: 6 x XLR
Returns: 2 x 1/4 in TRS

Model Length MSRP
SH-6X2-20 20 ft $120.00
SH-6X2-30 30 ft $137.00
SH-6X2-50 50 ft $172.00

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