VGA Cable

DE15 to Same

This cable is designed to connect a VGA source to a VGA monitor or projector. It is compatible with all VGA standards. Features include:

• OFC braided and Al-Mylar shields for complete EMI and RFI rejection
• Ferrite beads on both ends to reduce EMI and RFI at the source
• CL2 rated jacket for permanent in-wall installations

Connectors: DE15 to Same

Model Length MSRP
VGA-503 3 ft $19.65
VGA-506 6 ft $23.85
VGA-510 10 ft $31.95
VGA-515 15 ft $36.90
VGA-525 25 ft $57.75
VGA-550 50 ft $105.45
VGA-5100 100 ft $192.30

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