August 28, 2019

XLR or DMX, Make the Call

There are certainly a number of cables that serve different functions but look similar or use the same connector types. For instance…
- Dylan
June 4, 2019

Do Cables Matter?

It’s often the things we don’t think about that can have a huge influence on our results. In the world of cooking, it may be the type of knife…
- Dylan
January 24, 2019

New Flat Guitar Patch Cables

Hosa is pleased to introduce the Hosa Flat Guitar Patch Cable Series. The new cables securely interconnect guitar effects pedals where space…
- Hosa
October 1, 2018

Announcing Hosa Monkey Bars

Hosa is pleased to introduce the Hosa Monkey Bars Patch Cable Holder. Hosa Monkey Bars organizes patch cables and adaptors, and goes…
- Hosa
August 7, 2018

New Drive Bluetooth Interface

Hosa is pleased to introduce the newest member of the Hosa Drive Series. The Hosa Drive Bluetooth Interface is designed to add…
- Hosa
November 21, 2017

Hosa Scholarship Winner 2017

Hosa is pleased to name Sanket Varadkar as the winner of the fifth annual Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Program Scholarship…
- Hosa
February 9, 2017

New Hopscotch Patch Cables

Hosa is pleased to introduce the CMM-500Y Series Hopscotch Patch Cables. Designed with modular synthesizers in mind, the new…
- Hosa
January 12, 2017

New Pro Headphone Cables

Hosa is pleased to introduce the latest additions to the highly regarded Hosa Pro line. The new Hosa Pro Headphone Cables bring…
- Hosa
December 20, 2016

Hosa Joins in PastaThon 2016

Hosa recently participated in the 2016 KFI PastaThon. The event benefits Caterina’s Club, an organization that feeds children of…
- Hosa
March 17, 2016

New Power Distribution Cords

Hosa is pleased to introduce the PDX Series Power Distribution Cord line. Designed to simplify power cable runs, each distribution…
- Hosa
February 9, 2016

Representative of the Year 2015

Hosa has named Mainline Marketing as its 2015 Sales Representative of the Year. The award recognizes remarkable performance…
- Hosa
January 14, 2016

New powerCON Power Cords

Hosa is pleased to introduce two new series of power cords featuring Neutrik® powerCON connectors. The Hosa PCN-200 and PWN-200…
- Hosa