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Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce

Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce has built an online following with his guitar Riffs, Beards & Gear channel on YouTube, is as an active audio engineer, videographer, producer, artist rep for several notable music industry companies, and the guitarist in Dragged Under… all while growing a majestic beard in the process.

Beau Burchell

Best known as the guitarist & songwriter for Southern California’s post-hardcore legends Saosin, Beau also runs his own studio as both a producer & engineer. He’s worked with many different artists & manufacturers, providing his talents across the industry.

Glenn Fricker

Everyone’s favorite outspoken engineer of over 20 years, Glenn started making YouTube videos in 2010 to help correct many of the recording mistakes he kept seeing. His channel features reviews, demos, tutorials, and advice on how to conduct yourself professionally in the studio. He’s also partnered with Lancaster Audio where you can purchase some of the tools for your home setup that he uses in the studio.

Jared Dines

Known for his extremely popular YouTube channel that features sketches, parodies, demos, and original music.

Richard Devine

Electronic Artist and Sound Designer specializing in Musical composition, sonic mnemonics, field recording, sound effects and specialized sound design for T.V/Film, web media, Virtual Reality, and video games.

Keith Merrow

Keith Merrow is a studio guitar player, songwriter, producer, engineer, gear demonstrator, and teacher. Known for projects Merrow, Conquering Dystopia, and Alluvial, Keith has a sound that is true to his traditional metal roots, but with an original and modern execution.

Tyler Larson

Founder of Music is Win, a social media destination and learning solution for guitar players of all ages and skill levels. Tyler’s YouTube lessons cover tricks, tips, and techniques, as well as basic to advanced music theory, and everything in between. This content serves as a sample of what’s available in his extensive guitar learning platform, Guitar Super System, which has amassed tens of thousands of students to date and is among the most popular online guitar education methods in the world.

Sarah Longfield

A musician and Youtuber from Madison, WI, Sarah’s main interests center around guitar and production, but more recently have involved the exploration electronic music when she’s not touring or doing clinics internationally.

A Place to Bury Strangers

A Place To Bury Strangers are a legendary Post Punk/Noise Rock band from Brooklyn, NY. They have released five albums of sonic madness and toured relenetlessly over the past 12 years establishing themselves as one of the best live bands on the planet.

Bo Nurmi

Synth & music production enthusiast making entertaining gear reviews and tutorials. He occasionally drinks coffee.