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Zaolla Silverline

Because silver is gold

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    The Ultimate Audio Experience

    The most discerning engineers and musicians choose Zaolla for unparalleled performance. Featuring silver-copper hybrid conductors and premium Oyaide connectors, hand-crafted Zaolla cables deliver a whole new level of clarity and transparency.

Zaolla Guitar Cables

Silver-Core Guitar Cables

Zaolla guitar cables utilize a sophisticated hybrid conductor combining the primary solid-silver core with a stranded-copper ancillary conductor to achieve flat frequency response for signals that remain true to the source.
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Silver-Core Microphone Cables

Zaolla microphone cables feature solid silver conductors – designed to offer far less resistance than copper. The result? Audio signals that exhibit deeper bass and pristine highs.
Zaolla Interconnects

Interconnects, Snakes & More

Zaolla Silverline Balanced Interconnects are the top choice of professional recording studios everywhere. Relying on solid-silver conductors for unmatched conductivity, they ensure full-frequency transmission with textural details copper simply cannot handle. Each interconnect is terminated with rhodium-plated, Oyaide 1/4-inch connectors crafted from a solid phosphor bronze contact and silver-plated for unrivaled conductivity.

Why Zaolla?

Unique Silver-Core Technology

Compared to copper-only cores, silver delivers pristine, transparent sound – a truly unparalleled audio experience.

Premium Oyaide Components

Zaolla cables utilize Oyaide connectors – made with the finest metals and the highest manufacturing standards.

Hand-Crafted Quality

Zaolla cables are built to last, delivering unparalleled signal transfer rates and best-in-class durability.