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Artist Spotlight: David Wallimann

Hosa Music Artist Testimonials | David Wallimann

Finding Peace and Inspiration

This month, we were fortunate enough to talk with David Wallimann, better known for his YouTube channel of free tips & lessons to guitarists of all levels, and his online guitar instruction courses with Guitar Playback.

David had a unique journey to become an instructor online, one that spanned years of learning to give the best lesson to the first student and the tenth, and also find peace and balance in life. This also helped make David free to expand even more on teaching and sharing ways guitarists can express themselves even deeper.

David Wallimann, Guitar Playback, Interview

Well, I’m David. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado and I teach guitar online.

I basically help electric guitar players express themselves on the instrument, so it’s not so much teaching people how to play a song, or a solo, or a chord, it’s more equipping them with the tools that we use as humans to communicate, but in the music world. So, the idea is to help them just speak music.

I absolutely love it. I love it because first of all, I think I’m just doing what I’m meant to do: teach. I think it comes back to a time where I was teaching guitar in a school, which I loved, but when you’re teaching 1 on 1, and if you have like 10 students in a row, the 10th student would get a horrible lesson and pay the same price as the first one. I didn’t think it was really fair because there was the burnout, right? You start fresh in the day as a teacher and then after 8 hours of teaching, you can’t do it anymore, so that was not fair for the students. I don’t think it was fair for myself, like I was really burned out and almost to the point where my passion for teaching was suffering from it, and eventually I realized that making an online experience, an online course would maybe be the way to go. That’s how it started, to create the best guitar learning experience for students and at the same time be kind to myself.

I started it not really knowing because you never know before starting something, it just brought me a lot of peace. I used to work in a bunch of different work gigs like coffee shops, data centers — I never had peace about that. Here, I come here, I do my work, and I feel fulfilled and I go home. I get to be a dad, a husband, but I have peace about it. That’s the main thing, just peace.

So, Hosa is kind of the gear that is really hidden. They have it difficult because it’s not the kind of thing that you’re going to show right up front like a guitar or something like that. Yet, I couldn’t do it without it. Hosa helps me every day do my job. They connect every important piece of gear, and without it nothing would work. It doesn’t matter how expensive your amp is if you don’t have a good cable to go into it and out of it, it’s never going to do its job. It’s a great support tool and I couldn’t do it without it.

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August 17, 2023

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