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Artist Spotlight: Noir Et Blanc Vie

Hosa Music Artist Testimonials | Noir Et Blanc Vie

Keeping the Inspiration and Creative Flow

This month, we were fortunate enough to talk with Stephen Fitzgerald, also known as Noir Et Blanc Vie on YouTube. Stephen has been a musician for almost his whole entire life, and in the process of creating art, also found himself another preoccupation as a content creator.

Over the years as Stephen expanded his craft, he learned the importance of reducing things that take away from your creativity. He explains how even simple things like the reliability of the cables he uses help keep him in a creative and inspired mindset.

Stephen Fitzgerald, Noir Et Blanc Vie, Interview


You don’t realize how incredibly powerful the ability to post a video somewhere and have it reach hundreds of thousands of people, I never thought that it would be me.

My name is Stephen, also known as Noir Et Blanc Vie. I am a musician and a YouTuber. I’ve been doing it for about 4 years and been a musician for my whole life it seems. I definitely didn’t think my life would be down the path of making content online, but as a musician and someone who enjoys the world of video, it seems to be the right fit.

The funny story is, I was working for a company that did sound for the movies, and television, and whatnot. I just felt like at some point I needed to break out and not be so creatively bankrupt, it felt, and I just didn’t even think YouTube was an avenue. I just was so inspired that YouTube wasn’t cat videos, it was a person scripting, and shooting, and making something, and then I thought why not take all those years of being a musician and maybe I can be an overall entertainer.

It’s sort of been a dream come true as you meet musicians and other creators who are fans of yours. People have always said that I’ve improved musically over the years, but they don’t realize the difference really is that I’m getting better sources. For years I didn’t realize how the components in a cable and the quality of the cable can affect the sound. I was literally turned into a believer overnight, and I switched over to, it was a Hosa Edge cable, and I literally got no more of that crazy mid-rangy interference. It was literally changing the tone of my entire instrument.

Hosa just became the trusted brand because the other cables continually broke over time. Those things just take you out of a creative flow. When you’re trying to problem-solve and something’s taking you out of your creative flow, I don’t think that there’s anything less fun or less sexy than, you know, holding it up to your ear, “What is this? What is this? What is this?”

My thought is, you want to have everything that isn’t totally creative removed from the process. You don’t want to think about, “How do I use this”? You don’t need to learn how to use a cable. If you get a good cable, you don’t need to learn where it needs to lay on a floor so that you don’t get something weird happening, and so for me it’s all about trying to keep the inspiration as pure as possible. And just, the less you’re worrying about certain components in the chain, honestly the better you are in the end. 

Hosa Cables That Stephen Uses

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August 17, 2023

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