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Noise Engineering is a small modular synth company based in Los Angeles, California. They’re sort’ve like Legos for sound. And so you can take these different things and connect them with cables to produce really any sound you can imagine.

Hi, I’m Stephen McCaul and I’m Kris Kaiser and we’re the owners of Noise Engineering. I think getting the right module in the customer’s hand is really critical and that’s a question of the sound, whether a question of workflow – whatever the customer really wants or needs. And so we really like to work with customers and say, “What are you trying to do with this? What really matters to you in this product?”

When we make a module, well we usually have at least twenty things in the queue at any time. We come up with the concept, we come up with a list of features – what we want it to be. The ideal size. We design the layout – if we’re happy with that, we come up with art. We work on the schematic – we send it off for a prototype when it’s ready and then we start testing. We continue to revise the firmware, and when we are happy with it – we put it out into the world.

When a customer emails us or comes up to us and tells us how much they love our products – it’s really rewarding. You know – we put a lot of effort into these modules and it’s really great to hear that people are enjoying them.

Our products literally do not work without cables. Each module has a number of empty jacks on it and to make a modular synthesizer work, you need cables. For us, a reliable cable is really important. I have fielded a number of questions from customers thinking that their module was broken when it was just one of their cables that had gone bad. So clearly, we have a large us case in our business.
Hosa cables are great because they stand the test of time. They’re a known brand, they’re a known quantity, they’re durable, they make the exact cables that we need, they’re cost effective, they come in lots of colors.

Hosa cables really make out jobs easier. I love them. They’re strong. They’re well built. They’re long lasting. They’re great prices. I definitely recommend Hosa cables. Yeah if you’re looking for new cables for your modular system you should definitely check Hosa out.

Popular Hosa Cables and Accessories for Synthesizers

– Unbalanced Patch Cables
These cables are designed to interconnect pro audio gear with unbalanced mini phone jacks. They are ideal for use with modular synthesizers and sound modules.
– Knucklebones
Knucklebones are the ideal way to multiply an outbound signal. They work great in modular synthesizer rigs where creativity and fun are dependent on the available patching options. Use them to send a sequence to various modules or to add musical layers to an existing signal.
– Monkey Bars
The Hosa Monkey Bars Patch Cable Holder is designed to keep patch cables organized and within reach. It is ideal for modular synthesizer rigs and recording studios of all sizes.

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