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Artist Spotlight: Panda Studios

Hosa Artist Testimonials | Panda Studios

Whether Bedroom or Studio Setup…

Whether you’re a creative in a bedroom setup or in a professional recording situation, signal flow is of utmost priority – yet often overlooked. At the core of each recording setup are reliable cables that help ensure workflow. From guitars to microphones to audio interfaces and all that’s in between – cables are the common denominator of what makes a session run smoothly. Our very own Dylan put it best:

“It’s often the things we don’t think about that can have a huge influence on our results. In the world of cooking, it may be the type of knife or cutting board we use; in automobiles, the grade of oil put in our engines; in audio & video, the quality and type of cables can make for dramatic differences that often get underappreciated.”

This month, we were fortunate enough to meet with Sam Pura of Panda Studios. Pura has worked with countless bands from all different kinds of life. Watch as Sam fills us in on his creative process and explains why Hosa cables are his favorite.

Sam Pura, Panda Studios, Interview

Hello, welcome to the Panda Studios. Let me show you our first room here. We have nine beds in this room so bands can come and just crash here and just focus on making a record.

Here we are in the main hallway. I like to call this the Wall of Fame because it has all of the records that I’ve done that have been pressed to vinyl. It’s a room that I use for microphones and for reverb so it actually is an active recording room.

Okay so we’re in the west live room here at the Panda Studios. I like it to be a turnkey solution where you can just get off of a plane and show up at the studio. And I have everything for you. I have drums, I have guitars, basses – I have all microphones – everything you need to make a record. You just need to come experience it. You don’t need to bring anything.

So, now we’re in the west control room. That’s what I kind’ve like to explain to people what happens here – people with a strong vision and a strong goal of what they want to achieve and what they want to sound like and what type of art they want to make, they have a really good time making records here because there’s plenty of option for us to actually achieve the final end result and that’s what makes making records and collaborating with other so fun. Everyday when I’m making records or making any sort of audio, the audio path is going through Hosa cables. Hosa is involved in some way, shape, or form inside of the work that I do every single day at the studio. Hosa is the thing that helps empower what I do everyday.

Now we’re in the isolation room – as I like to call it. You might be able to hear by the sound of my voice, it’s very dead in here. We store a lot of guitars in here, I have a lot of cabs ready to go. I have a bunch of pedals in here and I’ve got a bunch of fun stuff. Every room has Hosa cables and is ready to just plug and play and walk in and have fun and start making noise and be inspired.

Okay, so now we’re in Panda East. This is the second control room, second studio we have here on the property. I usually start most of my records in this room. I it’s my production room where I can start throwing down some basic keyboard ideas. The other fun part about it is that it’s connected right to the other live room right here. So, this is the east live room – a fun second studio to have here on the property, to be able to use and bounce some ideas around.

Well, thanks for stopping by – I hope you enjoyed having a deep dive in the Panda Studios here. Come by anytime, you’re always welcome and thanks for checking us out. Cheers.

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