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Why Bad Boy Bill Only Uses Zaolla Silverline Audio Cables

All the right connections make for a formidable studio

Chicago, IL – March 2011… As an electronic DJ and music producer from the windy city with over 25 years in the business, Bad Boy Bill knows firsthand what it’s like to spend hour after hour in the studio. An owner of several record labels that release house music, Bad Boy Bill recently released The Album, a full length CD of original music. But it doesn’t stop there. This non-stop artist does what to many would seem the unthinkable: he travels the globe on weekends DJ’ing for music fans from seemingly everywhere. As of this writing, Bill was off to Europe for a gig-but he planned on being back in the studio in just a few days! With a schedule like this, there’s no time to be messing around resolving cable issues. That’s why, for his studio, there’s only one cable that Bill knows he can count on-Zaolla Silverline.

Known as Studio 956, Bad Boy Bill’s studio is outfitted with a variety of Zaolla Silverline cable products, including DB25 to XLR breakouts and balanced interconnects such as XLR, ¼  inch TRS, and  XLR to ¼ inch TRS.  There’s also an assortment of RCA to XLR cables as well as RCA to ¼ inch TS.

“I started using Zaolla Silverline cables a few years ago when I really wanted to upgrade the sound quality in my studio,” Bill reports. “I use Zaolla Silverline for every single connection in my studio, which includes DAWs, loudspeakers, a BLUE Bottle Mic, a Manley Massive Passive signal processor, as well as my Neve, Chandler, Summit, and Tube-Tech microphone preamps-and, of course, to all my vintage keyboards and gear like my Memory Moog, Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer, Studio Electronics SE-1X, etc.”

While reliability is certainly important to him, Bill is adamant about sound quality and, in this regard, he says there’s no substitute for Zaolla Silverline. “Zaolla Silverline cables are the best,” he said, “and it shows in the sound quality I achieve as well as the build quality. In terms of sound quality, what I put in is exactly what I get out-the music sounds rich and full. What more could a guy ask for? This is why there isn’t a cable in my studio that’s not Zaolla Silverline. Anytime we’re working in the analog world, my music gets created or processed flowing through the veins of my Zaolla Silverline cables.”

Bill tells us he’s never had to replace a single Zaolla Silverline cable, “I really haven’t had to deal with the cables much at all because everything works beautifully right out of the box. I haven’t had a single problem with a Zaolla Silverline cable.  To me, that shows the durability and quality the company builds into their cables.”

Before shifting his focus to the business of the day, Bill offered this parting thought, “Listen, I couldn’t ask for anything more. These days, most electronic music is being done ‘in the box,’ but if you’re going to add anything like a vocal or a guitar or an analog keyboard to your track, I feel it’s worth it to make certain you get the highest quality signal into your system as possible. You may also want to send something out from the DAW into an analog EQ or compressor for processing, and then shoot it back into your DAW; so you certainly don’t want to lose any signal quality due to poor cabling. If sound quality is important to you, the investment in high quality audio cables is mandatory. I’m very happy to be a Zaolla Silverline user/endorser and would like to thank everyone at the company for making my recordings sound the absolute best they can be.”

Bad Boy Bill’s music is available online at iTunes, Beatport, and To learn more, visit him at

- Hosa
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