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Goby Labs Debuts GBU-300 Universal Guitar Stand

Designed by guitarists for guitarists—to hold their treasured axe

Buena Park, CA – March 2013… Goby Labs, dedicated to bold innovation in the areas of musical instrument accessory products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the GBU-300 Universal Guitar Stand. The new GBU-300 Universal Guitar Stand is the result of painstaking research with real guitarists—we checked their fingers for calluses—to determine the features they must see in a stand before allowing it the honor of holding their most important musical treasure. Featuring adjustable leg and body supports and over-molded rubber contact surfaces among its most notable characteristics, this new Universal Guitar Stand exhibits robust metal construction and is designed to travel well.

The new Goby Labs GBU-300 Universal Guitar Stand features over-molded rubber surfaces designed to prevent abrasion to one’s guitar and protect the neck. This thoughtful attribute is specifically engineered to protect the guitar’s finish and marks a dramatic improvement over neoprene foam, which is commonly used for those points that make contact with the instrument.

The GBU-300 Universal Guitar Stand provides full-cradle guitar retention. This innovative guitar stand incorporates a lock-open/spring-closed mechanism that provides the choice of quick access needed during performances and full security during storage plus an easy-to-use, dynamic head catch, which slides vertically to accommodate guitars of various lengths. The stand’s adjustable height accommodates most guitars and, with its thoughtfully designed body support, alleviates neck pull. Equally important, the stand’s seemingly simple, yet sophisticated design is extremely robust and assures superior field serviceability. With quality metal construction, the stand collapses easily for both storage and travel.

Like most evil geniuses, the creative minds of Goby Labs prefer to remain in mystery and seclusion. Instead, they turn to Hosa Technology’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jonathan Pusey, for all public statements. Pusey commented on the new Goby Labs GBU-300 Universal Guitar Stand, “Goby Labs’ new Universal Guitar Stand is among the finest inventions yet from those engineering madmen, from whom we prefer to shield the public. With a wealth of innovative features—from its over-molded rubber head-catch with push-button, spring-closed mechanism, which keeps a guitar safely upright without putting stress on its neck, to its body supports that cradle an instrument as safely and securely as a new pair of leather pants cradle one’s buttocks—the new GBU-300 represents cutting-edge design that differentiates it from the many cookie-cutter style stands found elsewhere on the market. I’m absolutely confident guitarists everywhere will find much to like about this new guitar stand.”

The Goby Labs GBU-300 Universal Guitar Stand is available now. The product’s MSRP is $65.95.

About Goby Labs
Working from a dormant volcano off the coast of Venice Beach, California, Goby Labs is a developer and manufacturer of the world’s most innovative and comprehensive line of music accessory products. These products—formed with the goal of delivering superior instrument care and performance accessories at prices even starving musicians can afford—-reflect fresh thinking in their function, design, and branding to deliver on the promise of exceptional quality and value. Simplicity, innovation, and liberal use of world-class componentry are hallmarks of the Goby Labs design ethos. Goby Labs products are distributed worldwide by Buena Park, CA-based Hosa Technology.

- Hosa
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