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Hosa Artist Testimonials | Aaron Stechauner

The Music Business is the People Business

The music industry isn’t just about art, it’s about people and the support we give each other. It’s part of the reason why we developed our core values; passion, drive, community, responsibility, and resilience.

Throughout the years, Hosa has been lucky enough to work alongside, partner with, and sponsor a diverse list of artists. 2020 was a difficult year for all of us and while many center around the industry we are proud to call home, we are first and foremost in the people business and that doesn’t limit itself to music.

So, we connected with a few of our artist partners to help share their stories. Today we’re featuring Aaron Stechauner, drummer with the metal band Interloper, who was kind enough to let us into his personal studio.

Aaron Stechauner, drummer of Interloper, Interview

“If you’re a musician and you don’t love it, you shouldn’t do it. It takes a lot of sacrifices and it takes a toll on you.” Aaron is a teacher and a drummer. In this video, he explains how it is common for people to overlook drummers’ needs for audio cables.

Video Transcript:
I feel like if you’re a musician and you don’t love it, you shouldn’t do it. It takes a lot of sacrifices and takes a lot of toll on you and it’s tough. You kind of have to be cut out for it. There are too many obstacles to do something like this without loving it.

Hi, my name is Aaron Stechauner. I play drums for a band called Interloper. I also teach, I fill in for a lot of bands when touring. I obviously love writing, I love playing drums. Teaching’s great. All those things are great, but when I really boil it down, that’s like not only my favorite thing to do – but that’s what I’m meant to do, as like, a human being – is to be a performer, to play on stage live.

I try to count my blessings as often as I can and as often as I realize them. Probably for a lot of people, they don’t think of drums as an instrument that needs cables and electronics in the same way, you know, guitars do – electric guitar and a singer, you know, with their microphone. You have to have the cable and you have to have all that stuff. Drums, you know, are loud on their own. But even so, you have to mic them up.

I have cultivated a lot of fanbase and growth based on online media presence, so I’ve been making videos for years. That’s how I actually got picked up by that band when I was eighteen. I would upload videos to YouTube. What did I need to make all those videos? I needed microphones and I needed cables so Hosa comes into play with that. They’ve always worked – which is the important part.

Since I have started to mix all of my own material and gotten better at engineering and just understanding in general – I did notice, yeah, that the sound quality of using Hosa cables is great.

Would I recommend Hosa to others? Yeah, of course, I’d recommend Hosa to others, yeah, they’re great.

The two most important things? Reliability and a great team.

Popular Hosa Products for Drummers

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August 17, 2023

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