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Don’t Let Cables Affect Your Workflow

When creating music, the last thing an artist wants to think about is whether or not a cable is working. At Hosa, we pride ourselves on our cables’ reliability and longevity. No matter where you are in your career, our cable selection will help you get the job done. But don’t take just our word for it.

This month, we were fortunate enough to link with Destiny Petrel, a singer/songwriter, producer and artist based out of Los Angeles. Destiny writes and produces her own music right from her bedroom and has been using Hosa cables for over five years.

Destiny Petrel, Artist and Guitarist, Interview

video transcript:
All my family are musicians so growing up in a musical home, it was very easy to grab anything musical instruments everywhere – pianos, guitars. So, I gravitated towards the guitar. I’ve been playing fifteen years and I absolutely love it. It never gets old.

Hey, I’m Destiny Petrel. I’m a singer/songwriter and musician/guitarist from New York living in L.A. My favorite thing about playing is it takes me to another place. And I absolutely love that feeling. I can be in any type of mood and even change my mood, which I love.

Well, what I love to do most is make music. Now, I’ve produced my own record. My first single is coming out December 11th. It’s an EP that will come out next year of five songs. The first single ever that I’ve written and produced by myself is finally coming out. Yeah, this is where I recorded everything.

Hosa’s helped me be able to run everything – power supplies, I’ve used a lot of XLR’s – XLR cables. Reason being is I do change a lot of my stands. So, of course like, different size XLR cables. And the ¼” cables, I only use Hosa and a lot of the ¼” cables are coming through from my speakers and for my guitars mostly. Of course for touring as well because I use a lot of the ¼” cables for guitar. They’re the best.

The best thing about Hosa is that they last a very long time. These XLR cables – I’ve lasted with them about five years. And the ¼” cables I use for guitar – it’s been used that I’ve used the same ones. That’s what’s awesome about it. But what’s even better is that it’s affordable on top of like, the quality which is so great for any addition. Anybody who’s a producer, guitarist, literally anyone.

I’ve tested many different cables. Their cables are more clean than any other cable and that’s what I do love about them most is I don’t get any static. No hissing. That’s why their cables are super reliable too because especially when you’re recording. You need that and so this just helps me everyday to run everything that I need to run for recording for guitar, all of it.

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