Hosa Scholarship Winner at MI

Hosa Announces Audio Engineering Scholarship Winner
MI to Be Jungwon Shin’s Launch Pad

Buena Park, CA, April 2021 — Hosa Technology, Inc., the leading provider of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician, is pleased to announce Jungwon Shin as the winner of the seventh annual Hosa Audio Engineering Scholarship at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA.

Jungwon Shin, a native of South Korea, wrote the winning essay outlining his career goals as a producer & audio engineer. Jungwon has previous professional experience as an audio engineer and a wide interest in every style of music, including R&B, Soul, Rock, Lo-fi music, and Hip Hop.

Asked why he chose to study in the Audio Engineering Program at Musician’s Institute, Jungwon said, “I want to learn about mixing and mastering in detail. Every teacher at MI is great, so that’s why I chose to study here. My dream is to make my own album. And to be a great vocal teacher and engineer.”

Mayumi Allison, CEO of Hosa, added the following, “We are excited that Mr. Shin is the winner of this year’s scholarship. At Hosa, we believe in helping the musicians and audio engineers of tomorrow find success and believe that begins with education.”

Hosa extends our congratulations to Jungwon and are honored to be part of his journey in the music industry.

The Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Program Scholarship is available to new students enrolling in the Audio Engineering Program at MI. Eligible students must provide a completed application along with an essay detailing their career goals in the audio industry. The awarded tuition credit is applied to the initial quarter of the program as long as the recipient maintains satisfactory progress.

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