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Music & Audio Industry News Roundup – November

Welcome to the latest Music & Audio Industry News Roundup! Every month, we’ll share the top music and audio news headlines, stories and more from our ever-changing industry.

This month we’ll take a look at music Spotify podcasts, BMG giving more royalties to artists, marketing online events, Warren Huart, and Black Friday deals.

Spotify Revolutionizing Podcasts and Artist Potential

Spotify Podcast Artist Potential Music Audio News Hosa
Image credit: Hypebot

Spotify hosting podcasts has created lots of new opportunities for musicians to have their music streamed, along with compensation, without all the thorny licensing issues of the past. Also hosting music on the streaming platform is sure to give musicians more opportunities to tell their stories and engage with wider audiences. (Read More)

BMG Say Goodbye to the Controlled Composition Clause

BMG Logo Music Audio News Hosa.jpg
Image credit: Variety

The Controlled Composition clause was standard in nearly every record industry contract, allowing labels to collect more royalties on physical sales. This will pave the way for signed artists to make more on the physical sales of their recordings and could have a ripple-effect across the industry. (Read More)

Effectively Market Your Online Events

Marketing Live Event Music Audio News Hosa
Image credit: epiphan

Eventbrite has some tips for best marketing your online streams & events. With concerts and performances indefinitely suspended, more and more people are turning to streaming, so it’s good to shift strategies. (Read More)

Warren Huart Helps You Produce Like a Pro

Warren Huart is a producer, engineer, and composer whose YouTube channel offers interviews, reviews, demos, and critical advice for DIY recording artists. He also has courses online for a more formal education on recording & producing at

Black Friday Primer

MusicRadar Black Friday Deals Music Audio News Hosa
Image credit: MusicRadar

MusicRadar featured an early look into the kinds of deals that might come up from manufacturers and retailers this Black Friday. Given the state of the pandemic, even more deals are expecting to migrate online, so keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of savings. (Read more)

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