Music & Audio Industry News Roundup – August

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This month we’ll take a look at how to live stream concerts, music videos on Facebook, YouTube analytics for artists, David Wallimann, and studio monitors.

Build a Compelling Live Stream Show

Compelling Live Stream Hosa Music Roundup August
Image credit: Disc Makers

Since playing live isn’t possible for the moment, lots of musicians and performing artists are finding new, creative ways of staying active and engaging their audiences. Our friends at Disc Makers wrote a very good piece on how to make a compelling live performance over streaming. (Read More)

Facebook to Launch Music Videos in August

Facebook Music Videos Hosa Music Roundup August
Image credit: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Starting August 1, Facebook will now feature a page for artists’ official music videos. Artists won’t have to manually upload them. Instead, they can enable a setting on their page that will give Facebook permission to add the videos to their page. For info on what this means, and how to opt-in or opt-out as an artist, read more from our friends at TechCrunch. (Read More)

YouTube Adds Analytics Tools for Artists

YouTube recently improved the analytics capabilities that will help artists better engage and see trends in their audience. These tools will be available to Official Artist Channels, and even on the mobile app. Visit your YouTube Studio for more information.

David Wallimann Shares Guitar Secrets for Free

David Wallimann has been on YouTube for a long time. He started as a recording artist and private instructor, but over time started Guitar Playback, which gives beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar lessons online. Many of the things covered in his courses, including gear demos and commentary are on David’s YouTube Channel, which is a must-watch for any guitarist.

Best Studio Monitors of 2020

Best Studio Monitors Hosa Music Roundup August
Image credit: Future

Anybody doing recording or producing at home is always on the lookout for the best monitors on the market. These will ultimately influence how your mix turns out and translates to the many types of speakers out in public, from cars to earbuds. Music Radar put together a comprehensive list of the 10 best studio monitors available this year that we highly recommend you check out. (Read more)

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