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Why Use DeoxIT Spray on Your Connections?

If you use sensitive electronics or music equipment, then you know how important it is to keep your connections clean and free of buildup with electrical contact cleaners. Buildup from oil and dust can cause irregularities in electronic transmission, leading to sound distortion, crackling, and — in some cases — unusable equipment.

Using an electrical contact cleaner spray like DeoxIT on your connections and other metal surfaces can help improve conduction and reduce distortion, leading to better sound quality or overall electrical performance. From vintage restorations to regular maintenance, DeoxIT will greatly improve the function of your electronics and prolong the life of your components.

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Types of DeoxIT Electrical Contact Cleaner

There are various types of DeoxIT electrical contact cleaner spray available for your specific needs. The DeoxIT D5 and DN5 sprays both contain solvents but have slightly different composition. DeoxIT D5 will evaporate in 1-2 minutes, leaving behind a small amount of wetness that evaporates slowly for tougher cleaning jobs.

DN5 is a dripless spray that evaporates almost instantly, leaving behind no wetness. It also comes with a flexi-tip for effective application on hard-to-reach components. DN5 is preferable for areas where you’re concerned about dripping into water-sensitive components, such as sound boards.

Unlike the DeoxIT D5 and DN5, the D100 DeoxIT spray contains no solvent, so it’s better used as a lubricant for highly sensitive equipment. DeoxIT GOLD is another gentle cleansing conditioner spray for new or recently cleaned surfaces.

100% vs. 5% Spray Volume: What’s the Difference?

The DeoxIT D5 series is so named because it contains a 5% solution of DeoxIT added to propellant and solvent. The DeoxIT D100 is a 100% concentrated solution of DeoxIT.

Due to its added propellant, DeoxIT D5 is briefly flammable, whereas D100 is non-flammable. DeoxIT D5 does, however, offer more flushing action to remove debris. D100 has no solvents, making it a gentler choice that offers more lubrication. The lack of propellant in D100 also makes it more environmentally friendly.

How to Use a Standard DeoxIT D5 Spray

Standard D5 DeoxIT spray is ideal for bringing audio equipment back to life, whether it’s vintage or just a heavily-used favorite. Like the rest of the DeoxIT D series, D5 gently dissolves buildup such as dust, debris, and even corrosion on your metal components. It can remove oxidation, lubricate and condition, and protect important audio pieces from future wear.

Rather than replacing your expensive audio equipment when sound quality starts to wane, you can clean and renew your prized possessions. Simply apply a short spray of your DeoxIT D5 onto your receiver controls, cable connectors, switches, or other audio components. Wait 1-2 minutes for moisture to fully evaporate. Whatever you’re working on, try not to oversaturate the components, as you may strip the lubricant. If this happens, you’ll want to re-apply a lubricant coating.

Amplifiers and Receivers

Depending on your receiver box or amplifier, you may need to remove top and/or bottom covers to access the internal audio parts. Only remove the faceplate if necessary. You can use a DeoxIT equipment care kit to clean jacks, audio connections, knobs, switches, fuses, and potentiators.

For potentiators, insert the straw nozzle on your DeoxIT spray into the hole openings to access the interior of the pots and apply 1-2 sprays for each pot. Make sure to rotate corresponding knobs back and forth so the electrical contact cleaner can be evenly distributed.

Pro Tip: Clearly label any knobs that you remove so that you can replace them accurately!

Sound Boards and Mixers

If you’re hearing crackling in the faders and potentiators in your sound boards or mixers, this may be a sign that you need to clean your connection points. You can try spraying an air duster into the slots of your faders, but you may need a quick burst of DeoxIT if the buildup is more severe. It’s possible you may need to consider removing the faceplate of your sound board in order to clean harder-to-reach places.

Guitars and Pedals

Remove grime and buildup on your electric guitar components by spraying a small amount of DeoxIT spray onto pots (potentiators) and metal parts of knobs and switches. This may require removal of knobs, so make sure you carefully remove and label each knob so you replace them in the proper location. Clean electrical connections on your pedals to ensure proper conductivity.

Small Electronics

DeoxIT can also restore and rejuvenate vintage household electronics or well-loved items like VCRs, CD players, cassette players, ham radios, and more. Even vintage game consoles can be rejuvenated using a well-placed application of DeoxIT spray. For vintage audio lovers, DeoxIT can make the difference between non-functional or rough-sounding equipment and fully restored, functional collector’s pieces.

Automotive Parts

DeoxIT is also used in the automotive industry to restore and degrease auto parts, such as engine and electrical system components. Technicians might use DeoxIT on faulty dashboard feature wiring, gauges, HVAC system parts, ABS systems, or cabin light connections. As you might have guessed, DeoxIT spray can also be highly effective in restoring car stereo systems and audio wiring. These highly regarded cross-industry uses of DeoxIT spray demonstrate its quality and versatility as a product.

Benefits of DeoxIT Spray

Keeping your audio components clean and well-lubricated helps prevent further corrosion and also ensures smooth performance. DeoxIT can fix distortion caused by buildup on sensitive audio components and guarantee smooth operation of knobs and switches. Reducing this friction also prolongs the life of your audio components, avoiding premature part replacement.

DeoxIT can therefore:

  • Maximize conduction on electrical contact points
  • Remove distortion-causing buildup and corrosion
  • Restore faulty connections
  • Avoid electrical failures and component burnout

Pairing Your DeOxit D5 Spray with Other Products

You might also consider using DeoxIT F5 Fader Lube for cleaning plastic and carbon components on your audio equipment. By protecting your newly cleaned surfaces with electrical contact cleaners, you can help prolong the life of your audio components and reduce the need for regular cleaning. Ultimately, adding a conditioning spray or protectant to audio components will reduce friction wear and defend your sensitive surfaces against scratches and damaging corrosion.

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