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FSC-500 series footswitches by Hosa Technology are incredible values. With all-metal chassis and reinforced switches, all footswitch models are designed to withstand years of use. A hardwired 10 ft cord facilitates a broad range placement and rubber pads on both top and bottom prevent it from slipping. Available footswitch models include:

FSC-501: Latching (on-off) Footswitches, designed for guitar amp channel switching and other electronic applications

FSC-502: Momentary Footswitches, normally open (push-to-make), compatible with most electronic instruments and multitrack recorders

FSC-503: Momentary Footswitches, normally closed (push-to-break), compatible with Roland and Yamaha electronic instruments and multitrack recorders

A latching footswitch is designed for guitar amp channel switching, signal processor on-off, and similar electronic device functions. A momentary footswitch is designed to control keyboard/synthesizer sustain and patch advance, drum machine/sequencer start/stop, and multitrack recorder punch in/out.

Consult your owner’s manual to ensure compatibility.

Connector: 1/4 in TS

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About Footswitches

What is a Footswitch?

A footswitch is a device that sits on the floor and allows you to control input channels or switch effects off and on. As the name implies, a footswitch is activated by stepping with your foot onto the control pedal. Footswitches are designed to withstand heavier pressure and are easy to activate with the tap of a foot.

Latching Footswitch vs. Momentary Footswitch

Understanding the difference between a latching footswitch and a momentary footswitch will allow you to make an informed decision on which type you’ll need. They differ only in their basic on-off functions, and your intended use will dictate which type of footswitch is a better fit for you.

Latching Footswitches

A latching footswitch contains a mechanism that stays on (or off) after removing your foot. This type of footswitch is best suited for guitar amp channel switching, signal processor on-off, and similar functions.

Momentary Footswitches

Momentary footswitches only stay on when your foot remains pressed on the pedal. They’re best used for short-term sound effects like controlling a keyboard or synthesizer sustain and patch advance, drum machine or sequencer start and stop, and more.

For longer-running sound effects and channel switching, the latching footswitch offers permanent on/off function so that you don’t have to keep your foot on the pedal to engage your desired effect. Momentary footswitches, on the other hand, may be easier for temporary sound effects, as you only have to press, hold, and remove your foot once.

Benefits of Footswitches

Musicians need the use of their hands to play their instruments, meaning that they can’t stop and start playing just to change sound effects. For this reason, footswitches are important for recording and live shows. They allow the musician more hands-free control of their sound effects, loops, and more.

Can You Use a Footswitch with any Amp?

No, you cannot plug footswitches into any amp. Footswitches may have various polarities, circuit setups, and voltage that can cause damage to your amp. You should look into the technical specifications of your amp by reading the product manual for guidance on which footswitches are compatible.