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FSC-500 series footswitches by Hosa Technology are incredible values. With all-metal chassis and reinforced switches, all models are designed to withstand years of use. A hardwired 10 ft cord facilitates a broad range placement and rubber pads on both top and bottom prevent it from slipping. Available models include:

• FSC-501: Latching (on-off), designed for guitar amp channel switching and other electronic applications

• FSC-502: Momentary, normally open (push-to-make), compatible with most electronic instruments and multitrack recorders

• FSC-503: Momentary, normally closed (push-to-break), compatible with Roland and Yamaha electronic instruments and multitrack recorders

A latching footswitch is designed for guitar amp channel switching, signal processor on-off, and similar electronic device functions. A momentary footswitch is designed to control keyboard/synthesizer sustain and patch advance, drum machine/sequencer start/stop, and multitrack recorder punch in/out.

Consult your owner’s manual to ensure compatibility

Connector: 1/4 in TS

Model Operation MSRP
FSC-501 Latching $33.55
FSC-502 Momentary, normally open $33.55
FSC-503 Momentary, normally closed $33.55

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