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Hosa Drive is the best way to hook up your music anywhere and maintain control at all times. The Hosa Drive Bluetooth® Audio Receiver is designed to add wireless capabilities to a car audio system, mixing console, or other playback devices.

Features include:

• Quick pairing for easy set-up of source devices
• Built-in track buttons for control at playback system
• Bluetooth 4.0 technology for improved speed and audio quality

Bluetooth Receiver
Stereo Interconnect, Molded 3.5 mm TRS to Same
USB Cable

Connector 1: 3.5 mm TRS (Audio Output)
Connector 2: USB (Charging Only)

About Bluetooth Receivers

What is a Drive Bluetooth Audio Receiver?

Hosa’s Drive Bluetooth Receiver turns any device without Bluetooth, like headphones, a docking station, or a car stereo, into a Bluetooth compatible gadget.

This allows the device to receive audio from any other Bluetooth compatible device like your smartphone, tablet, or whatever gadget the audio is coming from. Once connected, your previously Bluetooth-less device will play the synched audio.

Benefits of Bluetooth Audio Receivers

A premiere Bluetooth Audio Receiver adds a wireless audio experience to an otherwise wired affair. Thanks to Bluetooth Version 4.0 with EDR, our audio receiver provides excellent range and optimal audio codecs. Stream your favorite audio from your phone or tablet to your stereo or recording studio at the press of a button.

Why Do You Need a Bluetooth Receiver?

If your favorite stereo isn’t Bluetooth compatible or your cell phone doesn’t have a headphone jack, Hosa’s Drive Bluetooth Audio Receiver adds wireless audio capabilities to your favorite devices. With better bang for your buck than buying a new stereo or phone, the Bluetooth Receiver will provide superior audio quality to your listening experience.

Drive Bluetooth Receiver Specifications

Transmits up to 33 feet away.

Connection Procedure

  1. Connect the Bluetooth receiver to the audio input of the listening device of your choice.

Pairing Procedure

  1. Hold the center button until the blue LED begins to flicker.
  2. Enter Bluetooth settings on the device you wish to pair and scan for new devices.
  3. Select HOSA as the device you wish to pair and enter “0000” if a password is requested.
  4. If pairing is successful, the blue LED will slowly pulse.


The buttons on the Bluetooth receiver allow you to control playback of the source device.

  1. Center button plays and pauses the current track.
  2. Left “-“ button starts the current track from the beginning.
  3. Right “+” button skips to the next track in the playlist. Hold the center button until the LED flickers blue to turn on the device. The same operation powers down the device.

Drive Bluetooth Receiver Manual
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