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Ideal for the streamers, content creators, and podcasters using multiple locations or shifting setups, the Hosa Desktop Microphone Stand is portable and light. The tripod base is designed to be low-profile without taking up too much desktop space.

• Foldable tripod base for easy travel
• Die-cast steel for durability
• Rubber feet provide stability and protect surfaces

Height: 110-168 mm

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About Desktop Microphone Stands

What is a Desktop Microphone Stand?

Unlike traditional microphone stands which set on the floor, a desktop microphone stand is a much smaller size meant to sit on a desk or table. Because of that, the profile necessary to support a microphone is much smaller, allowing you to move your microphone into the most convenient placement and not take up any floor space.

When Would I Use a Desktop Microphone Stand?

If you often use microphones for streaming, content creation, or podcasts, and use multiple setups or travel to several locations, a desktop microphone stand makes the most sense. The tripod design is collapsable, making it ideal for portability and adapting to limited setup space. Since there is nothing to attach, it only needs sufficient deskspace.

I Have a Glossy Desk, Will the MST-224 Slip?

The Hosa MST-224 Desktop Microphone Stand is made with rubber feet for exactly this reason. Some desks or tables have a more slippery surface and that may worry some about accidentally bumping into the stand or knocking it off the table and damaging the microphone. The rubber feet will help it grip better to the surface to greatly reduce such a risk and keep it in place where you set it.

What Other Microphone Stand Options Are There?

If a desktop microphone stand doesn’t suit your needs, you may want to look at a microphone arm like the Hosa MSB-265. The arm attaches to your desk or table and easily adjusts to any angle in sitting or standing position. For standing position, the Hosa MSB-521BK Microphone Stand is the most traditional option.