Mogan Earset Cable


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Mogan microphone cables are designed to be discreet while providing superior signal transfer. If you’re looking for the most inconspicuous option, the 1.2 mm outer-diameter option is for you. For those looking for a stronger option, the 2 mm option offers almost double the conductor area and heavy-duty construction while remaining easy to conceal.

Mogan cables are avaiable for the most popular wireless body pack brands in use today.

Model Connector Diameter MSRP
CABLE-BG-1AK AKG 1.2 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-1AT Audio-Technica 1.2 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-1EV Electro-Voice 1.2 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-1SE Sennheiser 1.2 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-1SH Shure 1.2 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-2AK AKG 2.0 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-2AT Audio-Technica 2.0 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-2EV Electro-Voice 2.0 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-2SE Sennheiser 2.0 mm $45.45
CABLE-BG-2SH Shure 2.0 mm $45.45

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