Hosa News

February 9, 2017

New Hopscotch Patch Cables

Hosa is pleased to introduce the CMM-500Y Series Hopscotch Patch Cables. Designed with modular synthesizers in mind, the new…
- Hosa
January 12, 2017

New Pro Headphone Cables

Hosa is pleased to introduce the latest additions to the highly regarded Hosa Pro line. The new Hosa Pro Headphone Cables bring…
- Hosa
December 20, 2016

Hosa Joins in PastaThon 2016

Hosa recently participated in the 2016 KFI PastaThon. The event benefits Caterina’s Club, an organization that feeds children of…
- Hosa
March 17, 2016

New Power Distribution Cords

Hosa is pleased to introduce the PDX Series Power Distribution Cord line. Designed to simplify power cable runs, each distribution…
- Hosa
February 9, 2016

Representative of the Year 2015

Hosa has named Mainline Marketing as its 2015 Sales Representative of the Year. The award recognizes remarkable performance…
- Hosa
January 14, 2016

New powerCON Power Cords

Hosa is pleased to introduce two new series of power cords featuring Neutrik® powerCON connectors. The Hosa PCN-200 and PWN-200…
- Hosa
December 15, 2015

New 3.5 mm Patch Cables

Hosa is pleased to introduce the CMM-800 Series Unbalanced Patch Cables. Packaged in sets of 8 multi-color cables and available in…
- Hosa
October 29, 2015

Hosa Scholarship Winner 2015

Hosa is pleased to award the third annual Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Program Scholarship at Musicians Institute in…
- Hosa
October 21, 2015

Use Network Cables to Future Proof Your Network

Category cables have been in use for a number of years. Most consumers will know these as network cables, Ethernet cables, or…
- Jose
October 21, 2015

New 4-conductor DMX Cables

Hosa is pleased to introduce the DMX-000 Series 4-conductor DMX Cables. The superior construction and use of all five XLR pins…
- Hosa
September 16, 2015

New Category 6 Network Cables

Hosa is pleased to introduce the CAT-600BK Series Category 6 Network Cables. Superior construction and Hosa dependability make…
- Hosa
August 13, 2015

New Deal with Roland Canada

Hosa is proud to appoint Roland Canada as its new exclusive Canadian distributor. The agreement went into effect July 2015 and…
- Hosa