Hosa Sponsors Corazón de Vida’s La Noche Blanca

$225,000 Raised to Support Orphaned Children in Baja, Mexico

Buena Park, CA, September 2021 — On September 11th, Hosa was the presenting sponsor for La Noche Blanca, a fundraising dinner and outdoor event through the Corazon de Vida Foundation (CDV). The event raised $225,000 to provide life-changing support for the orphaned and abandoned children in Baja, Mexico. Corazon de Vida delivers quality of life improvement services to the local orphanages. In addition, it invests in the children’s future by funding higher education. Their mission is to break the vicious cycle of poverty from perpetuating child abandonment.

This is Corazon de Vida’s 11th annual La Noche Blanca fundraiser and the 4th year Hosa has been a key sponsor. Beyond just the single fundraiser, Hosa is a Corporate Angel and provides monthly support to Corazon de Vida. Hosa employees have also gone on several trips to the orphanages in Mexico to spend time with the children. Those days are filled with games, activities, and preparing food.

Corazon de Vida’s founder, Hilda Pacheco Taylor, was born and raised in Baja, Mexico. As a single mother barely able to provide for her children, Hilda’s mother had to make the tough decision to place her four children in an orphanage. Hilda and her siblings spent eight memorable years of their childhood in an orphanage until she reunited with her mother. Understanding how vital these orphanages can be in children’s lives, Hilda founded Corazon de Vida.

“We are honored to sponsor La Noche Blanca for the 4th time and continue our close relationship with Corazon de Vida,” adds Mayumi Allison, Hosa’s CEO. “The responsibility of helping children is a human issue that doesn’t stop at any border. The team at Corazon de Vida has done incredible work changing lives and we couldn’t be any more proud to play a part in supporting their efforts.”

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