Desktop Microphone Boom Arm


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Ideal for the streamers, content creators, and podcasters using a static location, the Hosa Desktop Microphone Boom Arm utilizes a sturdy C-Clamp that easily attaches to most desks or tables. The angle can be quickly adjusted for any sitting or standing position.

• Scissor Arm for easy adjustments
• Adjustable angle from 0 to 160 degrees for versatility
• All metal construction for durability

Weight Capacity: Up to 4 lbs.

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About Desktop Microphone Boom Arms

What is a Microphone Arm?

Unlike traditional microphone stands which utilize a tripod or weighted base, which requires a stable surface to balance on, a microphone arm attaches to a table or desk. The arm allows you to move the microphone out of the way or in any convenient placement depending on your sitting or standing position. Since the arm attaches to the edge of the desk, the entire surface area remains a clear workspace.

When Would I Use a Microphone Arm?

If you often use microphones for streaming, content creation, or podcasts, and use the same surface for multiple functions like recording, editing, and filming, a microphone arm makes the most sense. It can quickly change positions and occupies the least amount of surface space.

What is a C-Clamp?

A C-Clamp (or sometimes called G-Clamp) is a style of clamp that uses a metal bar and threaded screw to tighten on a surface. These types of clamps are very stable and commonly used in the carpentry and welding trades. When fastened tightly, C-Clamps provide a secure foundation for a microphone arm that will be moved, pushed, pulled, and bumped consistently.

What Other Microphone Stand Options Are There?

If a microphone arm doesn’t suit your needs, you may want to look at a desktop microphone stand like the Hosa MST-224. This is a collapsible tripod mic stand that sits directly on your desktop or table. For standing position, the Hosa MSB-521BK Microphone Stand is the most traditional option.